We've spent years experimenting, now we bring our lean strength and fat loss system used with 1-to-1 clients into a group setting for a fraction of the cost!

The progressive 4-week programme is laid out for you, you simply turn-up and get cracking with a group of people all chasing the same goal

Accountability and Community

You get access to our private Facebook and WhatsApp groups full of info, along with access to the coaches and NLFitness clients on the same path as you

Rach Morgan

Perfected over years

Done-for-you Programme

"I’m now stronger, confident using gym equipment and learnt so much through the recipe book and nutritional advice. The variety in exercises is great from rope slams to halos no week is the same which keeps me motivated to return each early morning. Bring on year 2!"

"The sweatiest fun you can have with your clothes on!"

"I started NLFitnessCamps just over a year ago after a year of no training due to a frozen shoulder. What NLFitness offered compared to the standard gym vibe really helped me to train again and not make mistakes which I had made previously"

Mike Palmer

How Does it Work?

Each of our Camps runs for 4 weeks, consisting of up to 4 x 45min classes a week - you choose your days and times based on your availability

This is NOT a pay-as-you-go dealio! Each 4 weeks is put together in a way that progressively pushes you harder each session. This is one of the elements that make the Camps so successful, you are investing in a PROGRAMME not just an exercise class...

Your membership not only means you invest in the group sessions, but also receive personalised nutritional advice, access to our online Physiotherapist and coaches, and discounts on local produce and products.

How are the sessions structured?

We use a range of equipment and training styles to get the job done, and that's what gets results so quickly...

Bodyweight Exercises - a staple of our programming. Not only are these fantastic fat burners when done correctly, they also offer a great foundation to work up to weighted exercises, protect joints, offer day-to-day functionality and be able to perform cool exercises to show off to your friends with...

Strength Circuits - once we've covered the bodyweight basics, we then bring some extra weight into the mix. These circuits include equipment and styles like kettlebells, dumbbells, weighted bodyweight exercises and more. We keep the tempo up, a key element to increase fat loss and improve fitness...

Conditioning, HIIT and Power Circuits - this is where we really get going! Once you've built up your strength and fitness to a certain level, it's now time to put it to the test. These circuits are high intensity and require you to maintain a pace which ensures you're pushing yourself. We use medicine balls, ropes, explosive bodyweight exercises, short bursts of running and the dreaded Prowler to stoke your metabolism as high as possible and keep you burning fat and building muscle for DAYS after the session!

Heather Smyly

Jason Clancey

"The sessions are always well planned and enjoyable, and are always enable progression over a defined period of time. As you feel yourself getting fitter the sessions squeeze that extra level of improvement from you as they become harder. You are literally never standing still! Attention to detail is second to none with extra advice on diet and recovery offered frequently giving the total all round fitness package.”

“I attend the morning fitness camp. It gives me real satisfaction to know that my fitness goals can be achieved even before I start work. The Team encourages me to work that little bit harder and being part of a group means we can have a bit of fun too! 

I'm completely new to training, can I join up?

Some members who have either never exercised before or haven't for a long time have had a Personal Training session or 2 prior to the Camps to ensure they're up to speed and can crack straight on in the first Camp session. This is normally a confidence booster as others who haven't have got on just fine.

All the sessions can be taken at your own pace, so you're not having to "keep up" with others if you are worried about that!

I'm a female and have heard you train with weights in the sessions, won't that make me bulky?!

Nope! Resistance training has been shown to rapidly increase fat loss as opposed to standard aerobic exercise, and is even more potent when the 2 are combined like we do in sessions. We use weights in a circuit style format which won't cause you to add bulk, but result in you adding SHAPE!

How come you can't pay per session?

Pay-per-sessions are great, but we offer the full shebang. When you invest into the Camps you are getting much more than just sessions; nutrition advice, in-person and online support, free social events and much more. We tackle fitness and fat loss from all angles, meaning the sessions make up part of the plan. To offer one-off sessions would be a disservice to you, It's the consistency, routines and habits which creates results! 

How  much does it cost?

This depends on the package you go for, but options start at £62 a month. We offer the chance to attend 2, 3 or 4 sessions a week and have bolt-on options for Personal Training and other goodies. If you follow the "Apply" link below, a full price list can be sent over and we can have a chat how we can start making some positive changes :) 

Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings


Tuesday and Thursday evenings


Nick - Founder



Sessions run at our private studio...

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"It's far too easy to get drawn in to fads and gimmicks when looking to shed fat, improve body shape and get fitter. That's why we created a solid SYSTEM that has achieved these benefits time and time again with a huge range of people!

As with most of the Camps we run, the Fitness Camps came about from a small group of friends training together wanting to make some positive changes. YEARS down the line and this small group continues to grow, and we have nailed and refined the Fitness Camp system down to the most efficient and fun way to train....even pre-7am! Through the Camps we are able to help more people, keep the cost down for members and have a great time doing it. 

I'm really excited for more people to find out that creating a sustainable body shape you're happy with doesn't take a massive overhaul and can be great fun. It's empowering stuff!"



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