Established in 2009, we've spent years working 1-on-1 with a HUGE range of people with varying goals, with health and performance underpinning everything...

Accountability and Community

You get access to our private Facebook group, full support and contact from your personal coach via your preffered means of contact and priority booking for all of our social events

I came to NLFitness with an unusual request. Help me beat depression. I've been on multiple types of anti-depressants, I've had hypnotherapy, kinesiology, counselling and read every self-help book ever written all to no avail. Exercise is always recommended as a way to help alleviate the symptoms, unfortunately, I work a very manual job as a Landscape Gardener, and that didn't help, so I thought I'd try some Personal Training. The structured, tailored sessions which increase in intensity week after week have helped banish this "black dog" from my head. Two months after starting, no more anti-depressants, three months, I ran the 10km RockSolid in Exeter. Five months? I'm still loving every session, I'm stronger mentally and feel I can handle anything. Oh and the muscle definition? I love a mirror these days! 

Anyone in my situation who doesn't necessarily want to get strong physically but mentally, I can't recommend this more. I'm a new man. No longer average, I beat the black dog and it feels good!" 

“Through NLFitness, I have learned that every person responds in different ways to exercise and nutrition. Much in the same way we all have a unique fingerprint; we all have individual levels of tolerance to certain food groups, we all are genetically predisposed to respond in different ways to exercise and we all have our own levels of commitment! Having Nick and The Team as a personal trainers for the months leading up to each project was vital for me to attain a shape that, aesthetically, was my peak. Achieving what I was physically capable of in a natural, legal way was very important to us.”

Perfected over years


Our team of coaches offer a diverse range of styles of service, meaning we pair you up with the coach that best fits your goals and personality

"PERSONAL Training - take the guesswork out of improving YOUR health, fitness and body image"

Ed Lane

Jack Derges

Personal Training isn't like a standard class or exercise session...

Working closely with your coach you'll tackle the limiting factors that have stopped you when you might have tried to achieve a similar goal before. We establish your main reasons for starting, set out a plan and get cracking! 

No stone is left unturned, we delve into all areas that affect your progress and create a step-by-step plan to get you there efficiently possible all whilst having a great time on the journey. What has worked for someone else might not work for you because EVERYONE reacts differently to different training methods, foods and lifestyle changes. It's working together to find your personal sweet spot in these areas which will make the difference.

Our core values have always been to improve health and performance. We do this by teaching you to move correctly (resulting in less chronic pains and injuries), eat for your body type/lifestyle and focussing on recovery/stress management (resulting in optimal health, low bodyfat levels and bundles of energy)

What sets us apart? The amount you'll LEARN! We don't just put you through sessions then send you home without any idea what you've just done. There's a reason behind everything we do, and knowing that means you have the power to make positive choices forever, not just during the time we're working together.

How Does it Work?

Pen Hadow

Lynda Glover 

“WOW! It was as if someone had waved a magic wand! Within a short time I had lost that stubborn abdominal flab and dropped from a size 14 to a size 10. I now have loads of energy, I sleep well after years of waking 2/3 times a night and feel so much more alert. NLFitness houses the most helpful, endlessly patient and knowledgeable fitness and nutrition experts I have ever spoken to and are always there for advice and support. Absolutely brilliant and life changing.”

Ruth and Asa MacIntrye

“We started at NLFITNESS over a year ago thinking that we would just join for 8 weeks to increase our strength and overall fitness. We are still training now. We have found the whole experience completely addictive and could not imagine training anywhere else. We are the happiest, healthiest and fittest we have been in a long time. Thank you NLFitness!

“NLFitness delivered a 100% professional service - never late, always armed with a thought-through exercise programme, and unrelentingly supportive. It is hard to imagine a better guide to help one navigate the physical and mental challenges associated with developing a healthier body. Not your average Personal Training service..."

Where are sessions held?

We got sick and tired of busy, stuffy, commercial gyms so we decided to branch out!

The Team work from our private studio in Tavistock, which houses all of our functional equipment. We have a range of tools we use such as sleds, ropes, free weights, kettlebells, dumbbells and medicine balls and much more.

Although we have the best tools in the business to excel everyone's fitness, performance and body image, our philosophy has always been that of COACHING. Instead of spending our budget on chrome, body part specific only machines, we choose to focus our investing on courses, seminars and the process of communicating with a wide range of people. This ensures our coaches give you THE BEST POSSIBLE SERVICE, most up-to-date training modalities and resources everytime.


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"After working with HUNDREDS of different clients, it's been clear to see that not everyone reacts the same way to nutritional habits, training methods and even things like sleep and work patterns.

All these elements should be taken into consideration when creating a plan with anyone, and it's through proper questioning, looking at past history and some guided programming that we begin to create the ideal solution to get your to your 

We work with goal setting, but it's so much more than that. Getting fit, healthy and being in a body you're proud of is a life-long journey that should be enjoyed. The time you spend working with us gives you the power to continue your journey long after!"

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