Perfected over years

We've spent years experimenting, now we bring our lean muscle and strength system used with 1-to-1 clients into a group setting for a fraction of the cost!

The progressive 4-week programme is laid out for you, you simply turn-up and get cracking with a group of people all chasing the same goal

Accountability and Community

Steve Hone

You get access to our private Facebook and WhatsApp groups full of info, along with access to the coaches and NLFitness clients on the same path as you

'Taking the guesswork out of getting STRONG, FIT and LEAN!"

"NLF offers a perfect environment to reach your training goals. The attention to detail in all the sessions is great. The coaches offer advice and encouragement right through each session, I can't recommend the Camps highly enough."

Done-for-you Programme

"In July I came home from an 8,000 mile, 6 month cycling expedition up South America. Although I was cycling fit I had very little strength. 

I approached NLFitness when I got back with the aim of getting stronger and putting on some muscle mass. Using the evening Strength Camps I've made some massive improvements! 

The gym layout is amazingly simple and has all you need to train, coupled with the quality coaching I received, the results speak for themselves. I learnt loads of new techniques and the training was always exciting and effective"

Tom Lawson

Each of our Camps runs for 4 weeks, consisting of  3 x 1 hour training sessions a week - with the option to get an extra in at our Open Gym Session Saturday mornings

Each week of the Camp is progressive. As you get stronger, fitter and more athletic the sessions get harder, constantly keeping you on your toes and forcing your body (and not to mention mind) to adapt by increasing strength, fitness, muscle size and burn fat at a rapid rate...

Your membership not only means you invest in the group sessions, but also receive personalised nutritional advice, access to our online Physiotherapist and discounts on local produce and products.

How Does it Work?

How are the sessions structured?

We use a range of equipment and training styles to get the job done, and that's what gets results so quickly...

Bodyweight Exercises - a staple of our programming. Not only are these fantastic strength builders and fat burners when done correctly, they also offer a great foundation to work up to weighted exercises, protect joints, offer day-to-day functionality and be able to perform cool exercises to show off to your friends with...

Strength Exercises and Circuits - once we've covered the bodyweight basics, we then bring some extra weight into the mix. This includes big barbell movements like deadlifts, bench presses and squats to get massively strong, then we break it down into body-part circuits with a focus on steady tempo and taking you near failure to force the muscles to grow...

Conditioning, HIIT and Power Circuits - this is where we really step it up a notch! Once you've built up your strength and fitness to a certain level, it's now time to put it to the test. These circuits are high intensity and require you to maintain a pace which ensures you're pushing yourself. We use medicine balls, ropes, explosive bodyweight exercises, short burst of running and the dreaded Prowler to stoke your metabolism as high as possible and keep you burning fat and building muscle for DAYS after the session!

Kyle McLaughlin

James Morgan

“I got back from holiday looking a touch fat which needed losing. I've tried the gym before but always found it boring with no real help or instruction on doing the excercises correctly. The strength camp at NL Fitness has been a different kettle of fish though. The programmes are excellent with great results, but the real winner for me is the atmosphere that the Camp creates. It's never boring, always varied and good fun with great banter!

"Strength Camps use our natural competitiveness with tailored training to keep training fun and fresh without the hassle of pre-planning sessions. With a mixture of fitness levels and goals, everyone in the class motivates and encourages you and the results peak for themselves. I've put on noticeable size whilst improving flexibility. You can go to a normal gym but you won't receive this level of knowledge and support. This is the place to be."

"I'm a 34 year old father of 4 young children, and own a small business. I've always been active and enjoyed keeping fit, alongside playing football for as long as I can remember.

Following the introduction of the Strength Camps at NLFitness, I decided that 3 one hour long sessions a week really wouldn't be too hard to commit to. I have to admit that after the first weeks camp was completed and all results had been recorded, I was shocked at just how unfit and how much strength I had lost over a year or so. However, through a combination of healthy eating, hard work, and dedication, after 4 weeks I was amazed just how much I had improved! I felt stronger, I was fitter, felt better in myself and more confident, and had the motivation back that I'd lost to keep myself in this shape!

I signed up to the next months camp and again, the results were fantastic.

For me personally it ticked all the boxes. I set out to achieve lean muscle and definition, and to increase my all round fitness levels, which I obtained greatly"

Craig Howells

Nick - Founder

How did the Camps come about?

"There's always been loads of exercise classes and programmes for fat loss around, but I'd never seen anything group based for strength and muscle building. Why not use the same format we'd used in the Fitness Camps but change the exercises, tempos and other variables to get people strong and muscular instead?!...and they were born!

Having been fascinated with strength from an early age I spent the first 10 years or so wasting my time with crap training programmes that got me either no progress or VERY slow progress. Not only did I feel like I was wasting my time, but I'd spent hundred and hundreds of pounds on gym memberships, supplements and generic programmes that really did nothing except confuse me. I was skinny...then I put on I'm happy with how I look, my energy levels and have a physique that's maintainable year round...

Then it started clicking. Using years of trial and error on myself, friends and clients, I finally arrived with a system that worked for EVERYONE that I used it with. 

These are the same principles and systems we use today in the Strength Camps with massive results. 

We use the most effective combination of exercises, tempos, muscle groups and nutritional tweaks to creating the perfect environment for you to succeed where you may have failed in the past. 

I'm massively proud of what we've achieved already with the Strength Camps and am really excited to guide you through the process, not only to show you but teach you so you can apply it to your training forever"


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